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This is Silverleaf—my studio.

It’s a creative workspace focused on impressing the best design into every piece of this world. Our main focus is graphic design—but we also venture into places such as web design and illustration.

My name’s Timothy. I’m an intrepid artisan with a pen and a passion for creating things.
My greatest inspiration is nature, and the articulate design found within.

Are you a top-end company wanting a complete new look? A smaller business simply wanting a brochure?
Or even perhaps just a solo entrepreneur wanting some help on a project—well, we’re here to give you a hand.

We have options for business, once-off events, recurring promotions, even alternatives for custom art.
Signage to grab attention, calendars to show off your photography, menus to enhance that dining experience,
business cards that reflect your company—it’s all part of what we do.





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I’m available for freelance through my studio in Adelaide.